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hey this is my 1st post in this community.

well, I'm 14 and I received this mail for a glamour modeling pagent.

basically it says:
+ each contestant will appear on stage and walk the runway twice
+ once for casual clothing
+ once for dressier clothing

can anyone give me tips on what to wear or not wear? or any other tips I might need?

also, this is my 1st pageant.

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When walking down the runway heres some tips:

-Body should be aligned, and have your back as straight as possible. (Pretend a string is pulling you upward)
-Steps no longer than your own foot.
-Knees kept flexed ("spring")
-Hands relaxed, when in pocket do not push down the pocket.

As for make-up and Jewelry- Less is MORE.

And use Paris Hilton's advice: Always walk like you have a crown on your head.

Goodluck, tell me how it goes.
i learned a trick for good posture that has always helped me.

stand with your butt against a wall, bend forward and relax, then slowly straighten yourself up until your shoulder blades are against the wall. then use your elbows to push yourself off.

its hard to type, but maybe itll help you.
a tip i learned is that if your wearing heals if you put most of your weight on the balls of your feet, your walk becomes smoother.