Louis (jadore_lacoste) wrote in modeling101,

hey New member

hey, my name is Louis Hilton, im 14 years old,i live in New Jersey and i am intrested in modeling. I am currently intrested in Ford Modeling Agency in NYC. And i am wondering how to get started, and really what to do..
-need help,
louis h
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Hi Louis, welcome to the group.
If you wanted to get started there are two ways you can do it.
First you could have a friend take snapshots of you. Then call around to different agencies asking if and when they have open calls. Go to an open call with the snapshots. Make sure you know your height and all that.
Or you could start out working with photographers for trade. TFP, time for prints. You get photos and experience as well as the photographer.
If you have MySpace look me up, I have my own modeling info community on there.
ok thank ya for the info
How tall are you?
That's great :) What about your stats (bust-waist-hips)?

As the person above me said, send pictures to agencies. Also, if you have the time, go to New York and go to their open calls (like you said, Ford).
i only know what you are talking about when you sed waist, im a 29/30.
and when you mean pictures what do you mean like a portfollio?
By pictures we mean like this:


worked for me, I'm signed to ford ny. doesn't hurt to send a few other photos along though either. Like this:


i brought those photos as well.
i am really determined to shoot for ford, its really a dream of mine.. what is your AIM screen name, i would love to talk to you more about this..
-Louis Hilton

my aim Adress

is 5'8/5'9 ok?
also, newmodels.com is a great site to look at.
newmodels.com has nothing about male modeling =(