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Can anyone give me a price range on how much it is to have a professional portfolio made?
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Mine cost about $100. So that wasn't too bad.
cool what did it consist of?
I had about 3 pages of good quality pictures. I had head shots, full body, and some poses.
cool. thanks for all the help. I like your icon is that you?
sure anytime! and thanks. :-) My friend painted me.
I spent $500. part of that went to the makeup and hairstylist. well worth it though.
a lot of my portfolio is made up of free tests though.
awesome. Can you recommend any companies and types of photos to get?
I can't recommend any companies. And the type of photos you should get depends on the type of work you want to/can do/can get. Here in the Bay Area there isn't a whole lot of high fashion work for models like me, it's much more commercial, so I had a lot of commercial type photos taken.