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I'm New

HI everyone, I'm Chelaine. 17 and a student at Arts Academy In The Woods majoring in dance, Senior Project and Ballet. Its all fun and all ... it's my passion. but now i'm looking into modeling, i was referred by some people so i'm going to give it a shot and see what happends. even if i don't go anywhere, and i like it, i'll still do it. Being big isn't always my priority... but it would be nice :) here's some of my Senior Pics that i took that got me started.
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Hi Chelaine, welcome to the group. Aww, no one replyed to your introduction post yet?

You're pretty. I like your hair, smile and eyes. I can see only one photo.

Good luck in your modeling career and your Arts Academy In The Woods. I'm trying to imagine you dancing and doing ballet. Dancing and ballet looks like hard work. Let us know of if you have done any interviews or photoshoots in the future.