lkenny23 (lkenny23) wrote in modeling101,

what should i do?

hey guys my name is lauren and i have modeled since i was 5. im now 15. lat year i moved from minnesota to texas. i am now looking for a agency here in the dallas area. Im interested in ford and willamena, but im not sure if its even worth sending my pictures into. ive done multiple things such as: 15+ things for target, 10+ things for pillsbury, 20+things for datons/marshall fields, regis hairsalons, chex ceral ect..and also runway for Jessica McClintok, tommy hilfiger, Datons/marshall fields ect... im 5'10 and still growing, green eyes, brown hair, 32 inch inseam and size 3 waist.

<33 Lauren
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i dont see why its not worth sending stuff in. If you dont the answer will always be no.

But, fyi, a "size 3" waist changes from brand to brand so you always want to use inches or cm when giving stats
also, is it just me, or does a 32 inch inseam seem short if you're already 5;10? i'm 5"10 and i have to buy the 36" just to cover my ankle.

then again i'm a pair of legs attached to a head. Bleh. I'm jealous of your torso.


March 4 2005, 19:32:00 UTC 13 years ago

:) I'm 5'8" with a 36" inseam. I know what you mean.
if you really want to get signed, send photos. there isn't much more to it than that.
32" inseam? I am 5'7 and I wear a 34" inseam.