Sophia (bikinibandit) wrote in modeling101,

You can't even tell my eyes were watering, my nose was running, I couldn't hear anything, and I was freezing my ass off, with the exception of my feet which were burning because of the heater.
This is what goes on to make these types of photos happen.

If anyone really wants me to put this behind a cut, post a reply and I may get around to doing it. It's late and I'm too lazy at the moment.

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hahaha, the man holding your dress looks so confused
That's such a pretty picture!
Do you have any more photos from it?
I have a cd but all the files are tiffs and for some reason I'm unable to view most of the photos. The other shots of me in this dress I don't want to share online because that dress is EXTREMELY see through.
If I find anything though I'll post it.
You are both cold and hot? Aww. I hope you weren't cold for a long time.

You are very tall. Your shoes look so comfortable that I wish I had a pair. But I'm a guy. lol!

I remember you! You posed with a mouse in your hand. :)

Thanks for sharing the photo.


December 14 2004, 14:17:35 UTC 13 years ago

Your face is ok but you need to eat something. Your a pale bone rack. You look dead. Yuck

wow you're jealous and/or ignorant. Did it ever occur to you someone can be slender by being healthy? Like eating well and exercising?
you're not hiding your jealousy well.


December 15 2004, 13:21:32 UTC 13 years ago

I'm not jealous I was merely stating my opinion. If you don't like it don't post pictures of yourself. Your asking for it. Especially looking the way you do.
you look splendid...model material!:)