Nikki (vodka_vengence) wrote in modeling101,

Dream to become a Model?

This is an exclusive
community for girls who actually have hopes to pursue modeling, or that have previously.

The theme of this community is a 4 week "schedule".
Every month-
Days 1-7: Weight Loss/Fitness/Exercise (I will keep track of all your weight changes, so you won't have to worry remembering it, and you'll be able to keep track of your progress, weither it shows the scale go up or down.)
Days 8-14: Beauty/Skin/Hair
Days 15-21: Spotlight on Top Models and Fashions
Days 21-31: Everything Model Related discussions

Each week, the specified topic will be discussedin the community, it'll be your chance to post anything on each subject, or ask Any Questions you've been dieing to ask. We believe that by having this schedule that changes you'll be more apt to stay focused on reaching your goal of becoming a Successful Model!

Come Join Divine Models Today!
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